Come join us!


Rugby can be played by anyone: the big, the small, the round, and the thin, regardless of age or gender. All you need is a pair of cleats and a mouthguard. 


If you want to take a shot at rugby, just show up at training and you will be well received. It will cost you nothing to try the sport out and see whether it's made for YOU!


How much does it cost?


25 years and over:         550 kr. per Quarter 

Between 19-24 years:    450 kr. per Quarter

Between 7-18 years:      400 kr. per Quarter

Between 4-6 years:       200 kr. per Year

Oldboys & Goldengirls:   200 kr. per Year 

Supporting Member:      200 kr. per Year 

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Men's Team (18+)

Champion of Denmark in 2015, the Men's team is open to all rugby players regardless of skillset and experience. New players are welcome. Read more


Women's Team (16+)

A powerhouse in Danish rugby, the Women's Team welcomes experienced players and novices. Read more


We have a team for you:

Frederiksberg Rugby Klub

Train with us

Trainings takes place at Nandrupsvej 10, Frederiksberg

Tuesdays:                                         Thursdays:                                  Sundays:

U6 &U8:                       17:00-18:00    U12, U14, U16 & U18: 17.00-18:30     U8 & U10: 13:30-15:00  

U10, U12, U14, U16 & U18: 17.00-18:30    Women:                 18:00-20:00

Women:                       18:00-20:00    Men:                     19.00-21:00 

Men:                            19.00-21:00                      

See us play

Our home pitch:

Frederiksberg Hallerne Jens Jessensvej 20 Frederiksberg


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Address: Nandrupsvej 10 - Frederiksberg

Pictures by Daniel Storch - visit his website here.

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